64-Bit Android Version Supported Emulator For Windows PC (Android 64-Bit Emulator)

64-Bit Android Version Supported Emulator For Windows PC...
Finally the Android Emulator which supports the Android 64-bit version is here now you can install and play Android 64-bit required apps and games like Fortnite, The Android Emulator name is TianTian Emulator and it is not that Popular emulator 'cuz the emulator is in Chinese language but you can change the Android system language to English, And as of this date this is the only one Android Emulator which has a Android 64-bit version support with Android 6 Marshmallow. Please watch the video below to see how this Emulator works and get more info. Download links will be just below the video.

Click on DOWNLOAD link to download the TianTian Android 64-bit Emulator

DOWNLOAD from English site (Official)

DOWNLOAD from Chinese site (Official)

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  1. When i try to make a 64 Bit it wont work, i deleted it and reinstalled it nothing works PLEASE HELP ME!

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    1. mee to and i dont understand this language bruh


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