Fortnite For Android Is Here Exclusively For Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Release Date and More

Fortnite For Android Is Almost Here Exclusively For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 and for other android phones September or October 2018.
So finally it is happening the Fortnite worlds biggest game right now is coming to an Android (after waiting for long time btw), but still its still gonna take some more time arrive for all Android phones 'cuz Fortnite will be available only for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 EXCLUSIVELY for 30 days on August 9, after 30 days you can expect for global android Fortnite release in somewhere September or October...
Please watch the video below to get more info about Fortnite Android release if you don't like read just listen and have fun.

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When the fortnite will be available globally i will update the post with Fortnite Android Download link.

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