PUBG MOBILE'S new update is here v. 0.5.0 and i have played it here's my thoughts about PUBG MOBILE, how is the gameplay and what happens to bots.
First when PUBG MOBILE came out everyone was saying "it is so easy and there are bot, there are no actual players" even i felt that 'cuz every game was so easy to win, I use to win 7/10 matches.

Now the game has became really popular and more and more peoples are playing this game so almost all the bots from game are gone BUTTTT... recently i realize that PUBG MOBILE isn't that easy anymore i can't even get the kills before this i use to get 8-10 kills easily and also chicken dinner, maybe now players have improved, or they are using some special controllers or maybe they are playing on PC using emulator (Just like me). I can understand all that but i have seen unreal players in the game they will just one tap you or never miss the shots... so i am just thinking maybe there are hackers in PUBG MOBILE....that's it now watch the gameplay and enjoy and let me know your in the comments...

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