Mosquitoes Eating Challenge Game Fly Me For Android Free Download

Mosquitoes Eating Challenge Game Fly Me i ate 75 of them watch the video to get idea how to eat them & download link is just below the video.
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More detail about this game by developers
Fly Me is fun and simple. Touch the screen, make your cute bird fly, and win !
Choose between Bob and John : which one do you think is the less grumpy ?
The left icon on the screen of your smartphone or tablet allows you to switch between characters. John learned to fly at the age of 20, while Bob is afraid of heights.
Othe chraracters will join them in the next versions.

8 levels just for you : how far will you go ?
Fly Me makes you discover two different worlds. Each one has 4 levels. Difficulty and length are growing so you won’t be bored ! High slopes follow flat terrains. Obstacles appear. Monsters will make it harder to reach your insects.
To unlock the next level, just reach your goal. For instance, you first have to collect 50 flies without crashing.
No stress : take all the time you need to get to your goal, there is no time limit. However, depending on your performance, you will get from 1 to 3 stars. Collect more than 90% of the flies appearing on the screen and you will get the best score : 3 stars !

While a level always have the same difficulty, you will never play the same game. Blocs are random so you cannot predict where your next fly is.
Which improvements should you wait for ? In future versions, you will be able to fly endlessly and get the highest score ever on the planet ! You will compare your scores with your friends.

Fly in a smooth and precise way
Fly Me is a fun arcade game. However, no huge drops from a single touch of the screen : you will have great control on your character. With this precision in hands, you will try the impossible. Reaching this insect between two wooden posts for instance.
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